Paul Posten Garden at St. WIlliams Apartments

Rosetta Paul Poten Garden
From Master Gardener Rosetta Fackler.

Great news from the Paul Posten Garden!

It was a banner year for the gardeners. Early spring crops were bountiful: peas, lettuce, and lots of leafy greens and cole crops. This year the black raspberries, red raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries were fantastic. Tomatoes quickly overtook the beds. Sweet potatoes provided Mr. Henry with makings for his famous sweet potato pie, which is always anticipated with forks ready.

Next spring we are looking forward to maybe getting sweet cherries from the trees we planted last spring. We all look forward to the day the apple and peach trees start producing, too. We collaborated with Shawnee Academy to have some pictures that represent the people, activities, and produce from the garden painted on the fence.

Through the generosity of JCMGA we were able to purchase some flowering shrubs, bulbs and grasses to add winter and spring beauty to the garden. The gardeners and I are very grateful for this support. The gardeners hosted two groups, one from the national convention of NeighborWorks America and another from Nicaragua. Both groups were interested in how the veggies were distributed and were impressed that anyone who is hungry can get food from the garden. For me, every visit is a delightful opportunity to share information, laughter and the joy of seeing how much the gardeners care for the garden and one another.

Paul Posten Gardens


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