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Lessons Learned Tour 2021

Jefferson County Master Gardener Association presents:
“Incorporating Natives into your Garden”
Saturday, June 26th 10am – 4pm, Cost - Free!

At your leisure, come view three unique gardens and learn how each of these gardeners developed them and their lessons learned along the way. All three gardens are Monarch Way Stations!

The Buckler Garden is a delightful cottage style garden with continual color, vegetable garden space, and a few surprise chickens! From a few pine trees in 2009, it has evolved into a little paradise.

The Howley Garden is a small formal garden personalized with touches of garden art reflecting the owner’s fun personality. Notice how the smart design reduces lawn care! “Be a grower, not a mower!”

The Smith Garden highlights both sun & shade native plants with a few edibles mixed in. The lush perennial borders create an environment for pollinators and wildlife.

Buckler – 7600 Tempsclair Road (Hikes Point area)
Howley – 408 Lotis Way (St. Matthews area)
Smith – 2402 Boulevard Napolean (Highlands area)

Please note: Restrooms will not be available.