Edibles Planting Schedule

March 1 – peas, spinach, kale
April 1 – peas, lettuce, carrots, radish, spinach
April 15 – swiss chard, lettuce, carrots, radish
May 1 – marigolds, tomatoes(transplant), bush beans
May 15 – peppers (transplant), bush beans
June 1 – cucumbers, summer squash (transplant)
June 15 – herbs (transplant), bush beans
July 1 – bush beans
July 15 – peas
August 1 – broccoli, cabbage (transplants, eets, lettuce, spinach, kale
August 15 – leaf lettuce
September 1 – radish


Organic Gardening
Use natural mineral and organize fertilizers to build soil.
Do not use synthetic chemicals for pest control.
Use good management practices to deter problems.


 Usually more labor intensive.
Need to accept some, often superficial damage.

The strongest concern of an organic gardener is care of the soil.


Good management practices:
 *Keep plants healthy:  well-drained soil, proper nutrients & pH, adequate  moisture, correct variety for KY, & sunny location.
*Adhere to planting date recommendations.
*Find resistant varieties.
*Control pests when they are young.
*Inspect garden at least twice a week.
*Correctly identify any problems.
*Control weeds.
*Mulch – controls moisture loss, weeds and diseases that may come from the soil.
*Select appropriate control measures. By hand or least toxic measure.
*Destroy old plants after harvest – do not compost.

Excerpted from Jefferson Co. Extension Services/UK handout